Sunday, October 19, 2003
Howdy From Mac Land

Greetings from NYC.

I popped into the big Macintosh store in SoHo (corner of Prince and Mercer for those of you in the know). An incredible space, more like an art gallery than a computer store. But then again, Macs these days are really more about aesthetics than computing.

(Back in the '90s it was more of a cult than an aesthetic).

Israel is not known for being the most Mac-friendly country. In fact, if you're using a Mac in Israel you're in for a world of hassle and pain. So I hadn't actually realized just how cool the designs are.

One of my local friends here pointed out that the difference between the Mac store in downtown NYC and, say, the biggest Mac store in Tel Aviv is mostly one of presentation rather than inventory. Which is to say that you could probably find most of the gadgetry on display in the SoHo Mac store somewhere in Tel Aviv.

What you would never find would be a two-story store exclusively selling Mac products and having them on display widely spaced out on tables. In Tel Aviv, the store would be at best a pokey-sized shop downtown with boxes of things stacked floor to ceiling and barely enough room for three people to walk around comfortably.

Only in America